I’ve been away from Tumblr and from tv shows this past month because it was my last weeks in England and basically a LOT has happened. I was so happy with my life that I didn’t felt like having a break from all of the madness to sit down and watch all my shows and hang out for hours on Tumblr.

Now I’m back in France and I don’t really want to go back to my old ways because I’ve experienced what it was to live, to have people in your life that make you feel better about yourself and I loved it! The first 3 months in England were probably the most difficult I had to live, but the last 3 were the best ones ever! I didn’t want to go home, I didn’t want to leave the crazy but unique place I was living in, I didn’t want to leave my awesome roomates and I didn’t want to leave my english man (yes, it was a fantasy and it became a dream come true and god he is perfection.)

The point of this post is not to brag about how lucky and happy I was, it’s to tell you that I’m still alive and I’m not gone. I still love watching TV, and I still adore Tumblr. I’m just going to try to be more sensible, think before starting a new show and not spend my days reblogging stuff or scrolling down what I’ve missed on Tumblr! I’m getting my shit together and as I promised to a certain someone, I’ll try to make me and my life in France the best as I can!

Orphan Black: Things Which Have Never Yet Been Done

"If you must die, sweetheart, die knowing your life was my life’s best part."

Farewell, little brother.